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Workplace Injuries

Did you know that you may be entitled to further compensation for your workplace injuries than what worker’s compensation is providing? On the job injuries caused due to the negligence of others and workplace injuries that occur when your employer doesn’t belong to a worker’s compensation insurance plan may be eligible for monetary benefits. Call me today for a consultation regarding the circumstances of your on-the-job injuries.

A workplace injury often involves negligence on the part of others including your employer, other employees, or manufacturers of equipment involved in the accident. Let me evaluate your personal injury and help you determine whether to pursue legal action.

I can help with just about any on-the-job accident including:


Even if you have filed a worker’s compensation claim, you may be entitled to further monetary benefits. And if your employer does not participate in a worker’s compensation plan, you may have a case against the employer. Let me help you determine your legal options.

Determining liability for workplace injuries and pursuing legal remedies requires the expertise of a skilled personal injury attorney who understands workplace law and safety regulations. I approach each on-the-job injury case with compassion and drive. I understand the physical and emotional issues involved as well as the financial impact that could affect your livelihood for years to come. Your future could be at stake. Make sure that you have an attorney on your side who will help you pursue fair compensation for your workplace injuries. 

Because my law practice is small, your case will get my personal attention every step of the way – from our initial meeting to the final settlement.