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IIf you’ve been injured on the job, at home, in an automobile or motorcycle accident, or in an oil or gas field, your injuries may be the result of a product defect – and as such, you may have a product liability claim. Oftentimes, accident victims suffering from personal injuries are not aware that liability for the accident, or a portion of the accident, may be shared.

For example, what if you were in an automobile accident and the airbag was defective? While the airbag failure didn’t cause the accident, its defect and failure could have contributed to your personal injuries. What if you were injured in a construction accident because of a heavy equipment product defect? What if a consumer product burst into flames, injuring you and your family and burning down your home?

These scenarios happen and product liability concerns are legitimate. No matter how the accident occurred or what type of accident it was, you may have a product liability case that should be pursued. Pursuing product liability claims isn’t just important for you to recover damages for your personal injuries, pain and suffering, property loss, loss of income, and other compensation; it’s also important for consumer safety. After all, if the product defect caused serious injuries to you and your loved ones, you can bet that this same product defect poses a hazard to others. By aggressively pursuing your product liability claim, you are helping to put the manufacturer on alert that they have a defective product that has cause your personal injuries and is likely to harm others if corrective action is not taken.

I specialize in product liability claims of all sizes and will work diligently to prepare your case and represent your interests. Whether the defective product involves seatbelts, airbags, brake failure, windshield pop-outs, tire blow outs, structural failures, consumer products, industrial products, manufacturing equipment, construction equipment, or anything else, you owe it to yourself – and other consumers – to explore your legal options. You may have a full or shared liability.

Manufacturers are responsible for designing and manufacturing safe products and anticipating how consumers will use their products. If the manufacturer has failed to provide warning labels or instructions or if they did not anticipate how people might use their products (intended use or not), they are likely liable for damages. Only a qualified product liability attorney can evaluate your case and explain how the product liability laws apply to you. Please call me for a free product liability consultation.