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Civil Litigation

When it comes to working with others, disputes naturally occur. Most of the time, people manage to work out their differences and move on. However, it’s not always so easy and lawsuits are filed. If you’re involved in a situation where you need legal help, your case may or may not be ultimately headed to court. Let me help you evaluate your options. Going to court is a resort that we will pursue if earlier discussions do not result in a satisfactory resolution. For example, meetings with opposing counsel often lead to fair and reasonable compromises to all parties involved.

I handle all types of civil cases including:
• Contract disputes
• Breach of contract disputes
• Oil lease disputes
• Insurance Coverage Disputes
• Bad Faith Insurance Litigation
• Business Disputes
• And many more . . .

When I represent my clients, I approach civil litigation with civility in mind. I believe that with proper representation, agreeable settlements are possible. Going to court can be costly which is why exploring all alternatives is in your best interest. However, when facing opponents that won’t budge or when determining that further action is unavoidable, I am ready, willing, and able to do battle in the courtroom.

I have represented business owners, property owners, renters, and people from all walks of life. As always, I treat each case personally and individually, giving my full attention every step of the way from our initial lawsuit consultation to settlement meetings with opposing counsel and courtroom fights.

If you’re involved in a dispute, call me today for a civil litigation consultation. Having a qualified lawyer representing your interests and pursuing your rights under the law will ensure that you are treated fairly. Give me a call to discuss your civil dispute, contract dispute, property rights, oil and gas rights, disputes with neighbors, small claims cases, help with debt collections, and other civil litigation needs. You can count on my professional, confidential services and discretion. Should you pursue legal action against the other party with me on your side, you can rely on me to represent your case with integrity, reason, and an extensive knowledge of how the law applies to you.

Dos and Don’ts of Civil Litigation:

• Do NOT attempt to represent yourself in court
• Do NOT contact the other party
• Do NOT speak to the other party’s representative
• DO refer all calls from the other party or the other party’s representative to your attorney
• DO call me for a free civil litigation consultation